Walking and cycling

At reception, you can rent bikes and get information on the surrounding area. This ensures that you can enjoy a nice bike ride. You can also choose to bring your own bikes or rent them from a local rental company.

Besides making a nice bike ride, you can perfectly explore the area on foot. Stroll along the boulevard or take a romantic walk on the beach at sunset!

The immediate vicinity of the campsite is perfect for a lovely walk. There are more than 100 km of footpaths. You can choose to walk through the dune landscape and nature reserves, but the seaside resorts on the coast are also worth exploring. At reception, they can tell you more about the area.

Tips for hiking around Westende

  • Heritage walk
  • Fleris walk - 10 km walking route
  • Geocaching
  • Ijzermonding walk - walking route of 13 km
  • Coastal history walk - 7.5 km walking route
  • Schuddebeurze walk - walking route of 12.5 km
  • Slijpe walk - hiking route of 14 km
  • Ter Strepe walk - 8 km walking route

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Cycling tips near Westende

  • Dikes and gullies route - 38km cycle route
  • Freddy Maertens route - 42km cycle route
  • Faith and superstition route - 26km cycle route
  • Jommekeroute
  • Mountain bike Middelkerke MTB Norbert Dedeckere - mountain bike route of 30km
  • Coastal route
  • Street Art route
  • Templar route - cycle route of 36km

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